What to Look for When Choosing the Best Dog Seat Cover

If you wonder how to travel with a dog in a car, then a seat cover is one great option to consider. It can protect your vehicle from hair, dirt, and other messes. But to find the perfect one that works the way it’s supposed to – and also fits both your car and your pet, there are many different factors to compare. And with so many options available on the market today, how to choose a dog seat cover that won’t disappoint?

To get you covered, we compiled this guide for you. We will discuss in detail the most essential features to consider when choosing a dog seat cover. We’ll also share some non-obvious extras that can change the game. No matter if you’re an experienced traveler or just discovering road trips with your pet – our article will be useful for you. So keep reading to make an informed decision and keep your car clean and your pet comfortable on all your adventures together!

Durable, sturdy design

The first and most important feature to consider is a durable, tear- and scratch-resistant design. This is literally the indicator of how long your dog seat cover will last. In this case, it doesn’t actually matter how big or active your pet is. The sturdier the cover, the longer it will work for you.

How can you check the durability? There are a few characteristics to take into account.

  1. Number of layers

A really sturdy seat cover should have at least two layers, but in this case, the rule “the more the better” works perfectly. The best dog seat cover should have a top layer, a dense lining, and a non-slip bottom layer for a stable fit. Least!

If you need door protection, we also recommend checking the side panels. They should have solid inserts inside. And this is especially important if your dog is prone to scratching car doors.

For example, our Travel Buddy & Travel Buddy Mk. II dog seat covers have six layers and sidewalls with solid PVC inserts for durable protection that lasts the longest.

  1. Choice of materials

Check carefully what materials the manufacturer used. Based on customer experience, the most reliable material for dog seat covers (and dog accessories themselves) is nylon. It is durable, waterproof, and easy to clean. Nylon-based Oxford fabric also works great. It has multiple density levels, and the 600D is the best choice here.

  1. Hardware quality

Fastening straps, hooks, clasps, and zippers. They must be strong and secure. Give preference to metal hardware, such as stainless steel. Even if your pet is very calm or you have a dog of a tiny breed, hardware durability is essential for road safety. You need to be sure that it will securely hold your tailed friend in case of sudden braking, turning, or even a car accident.

Waterproof lining

A waterproof lining is a must-have in the following cases:

– you have a puppy who is just getting used to traveling by car

– your adult dog gets nervous in the car and may relieve itself right on the road

– your pet loves swimming in puddles, lakes, or rivers

– you live in a rainy area

Having a waterproof-lined seat cover will keep your car interior dry, clean, free of stains, bad odors, and mildew in upholstery. Nylon and polyester have the best waterproof properties.

But even if water resistance isn’t really important to you and you’re simply wondering what are the best seat covers for dog hair, this is a game-changing feature. Waterproof linings are usually made from dense fabrics that dry quickly and last a long time. This means they increase the overall durability of the seat cover, justifying its price.

Easy-to-care materials

No matter if you’re wondering how to protect the seats from the dog hair or dirty stains, you’ll still have to get rid of them on the surface of the seat cover. And to deal with it quickly and easily, you want a seat cover that is quick and easy to clean.

We recommend choosing seat covers that are made from low-maintenance materials such as nylon, polyester, Oxford fabric, or eco-leather. These fabrics are easy to wash and dry due to their waterproof properties – they simply keep liquids and dirt from getting inside the fibers. Also, they can be spot-cleaned, which is very convenient and saves a lot of time.

Simple installation

The next question after you buy a dog seat cover is how to install a dog seat cover. And in this case, it is important that the installation process is as simple as possible.

Check the manual in advance and ask the seller questions if necessary. If you’re buying online, many shops have instructions right on the site, in the gallery or on video. Make sure there will be no problems – check that the cover you like is compatible with your car model and your seats. This will save you unnecessary stress, time, and frustration after the purchase.

Storage pockets

If your question is does my dog need a car seat, then a good solution would be to choose a seat cover that can add on-the-road comfort for your pet. In addition to the right size and good materials, one amazing feature here is the presence of storage pockets.

For example, you can use them to store your pet’s favorite toys and treats, water, feeding bowls, leashes, combs, and other accessories to take care of your barking buddy on the go. You can also use them to store a blanket if your dog needs some extra comfort in the car. Not only the pockets are handy to have travel essentials close at hand, but they also make your car better organized when traveling together.


To conclude, today we discussed the key features to consider when choosing a dog seat cover. We discussed durability, water resistance, user-friendly design, and some other features that help when you wonder what is the best dog seat cover. With our recommendations in mind, you will easily find the best option for you and your pet. We hope that our article was useful for you and now you know more about how to travel with a dog by car without stress!

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